Home Design Service

Once you have decided upon and have bought the house of your dreams in Bodrum, the next step becomes the selection of ample furniture to accompany your dream house. And naturally, this task is no mean feat. Most of the houses that you buy in Bodrum will come with at least some furniture already coming with the house. And the furniture may not be up to the standards that you are looking for, or to your liking. In such cases, you need a reliable and trustworthy furniture reseller, who will not be able to sell off your furniture at amazing prices, but will also be able to buy furniture that you love at throwaway prices. This is where we at Bodrum Prospects step in.

How Do We Help You?

We at Bodrum Prospects are the one stop shop for all your furniture needs. If you are in the need of something new for your house, be it a new sofa or the renovation of your entire space, we can handle it all. We work in a simple and methodical manner. We shall come to your house to analyse everything from your current décor, to the paint on your walls. After that, we shall catalogue and index what we think is the best for you, picking out the choicest selections from the internet, catalogues, tabloids and exhibitions. We also conduct a comparative study among all furniture brands so as to ensure that you do not receive anything that is above your stipulated budget. Finally, we assemble all the furniture in your house once you have approved of the designs that you like. We never work without your consent.

After Sales Service

Once you have purchased your new home with us at Bodrum Prospects, rest assured that you will not be left on your own. We pride ourselves on providing a full after sales service to our clients. This includes removing and updating all the old furniture from your house. Usually, when someone moves in to a new house, they do not like remnants of the previous owners in their space. With a super quick and extremely efficient after sales service, we assure you that all your furniture related needs will be taken care of. In no time, your new home will be transformed into a private for yourself, complete with all the furniture that you love.


At Bodrum Prospects, we cater to everything relating to your home- related needs. We are not only adept at buying your new house at throwaway prices; we also have an amazing after sales service, complete with buying new furniture for you. Furthermore, we do not charge you a ludicrous commission. All this saves you a lot of time and money, along with all the hassle which would have come with buying new furniture. Thus rest assured that you can leave all your furniture related worries with us.

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