The real estate business in Bodrum has been booming as of late, for both local as well as foreign buyers. The villas and apartments in Bodrum are known for their amazing view of the sea, as well as their beautiful surrounding landscapes. In addition, its archaeological treasures and vibrant nightlife are also an attraction to anyone looking for a change in their lives.

Properties For Sale in Bodrum

Bodrum is a place filled with amazing sub locations with a variety of scenery. Whether you want your property near the clear and pristine beaches or in the beautiful yet imposing hillside, we at Bodrum Prospects have it all covered for you. No matter where you choose your property, the sub location properties for sale in Bodrum are at extremely cheap prices and are immensely affordable, no matter which country you are from. Listed below are some of the best places to buy property in Bodrum, so make sure to book your property today.

Yalikavak: The beach town of Yalikavak falls on the coastline of the Aegean Sea, The landscape of this sub location is dotted with beautiful hills on one side, and amazing beaches on the other. If you are looking to wake up to a picturesque view every day, then Yalikavak is the perfect place for you. The beaches bring with it a wonderful array of sea life, which in turn translate to a culture of seafood, drinking, and nights by the beach. In addition, the small town is perfect for explorations. If you have a knack for exploring, then Yalikavak is the place for you.

Gumusluk: A quiet and bumbling beach town off the coast of the Aegean Sea, Gumusluk is perfect for you if you are looking for lazy days. A quaint town, Gumusluk is laid back in every sense of the term. If you buy a property here, you are signing yourself up for a life which will be a sharp contrast to the daily hustle and bustle you were accustomed to. In this relaxed town, time does not exist. The town is filled with sights and natural wonders to witness, perfect for a nature lover. Gumusluk is the perfect place if you are looking for a getaway.

Turgutreis: Turgutreis is the second largest town in Bodrum. The lively and sprightly town is extremely busy, and home to number of markets. The seventeen kilometre coastline of the sub location is dotted with multiple beaches. read more

If you have ever dreamt of owning a beech villa in Bodrum, then Turgutreis is the perfect sub location for you. Furthermore, Turgutreis has some of the best villas in Bodrum. The villas are perfect for a family, a couple, or even if you will be living alone. Fully spacious, airy, and extremely affordable on all international prices, the villas are sure to sooth your soul.

Torba: This relaxed and ambient rural village sub location in Bodrum is one of the best places to buy a property in, especially if you have a family. The village is not as quiet as Gumusluk, but not as bustling as Turgutreis either. The weather of the village is perfect all year round, thus being a perfect place if you love taking long walks by the countryside. In addition, the place is also known for its wondrous sea life. This is turn translates to a number of restaurants, perfect for a foodie as well. Thus, Torba is an impeccable place for anyone looking for an idyllic country life in Bodrum.

Gumbet: This peaceful sub location of Bodrum has become quiet the tourist spot in the recent years, owing to its amazing beaches and picturesque landscape. The place has been described as a “heavenly cove” with “pine- forested mountains and glittering topaz- blue bay“, according to bodrum-gumbet.com. The place has a happening nightlife, with a myriad of cafes and pubs spread all across the village. If you are accustomed to the rich nightlife of the city, and the thought of a boring, idyllic village life bores you completely, then buying a villa or an apartment in this sub location of Bodrum is the perfect option for you.

Gundogan: Gundogan is yet another peaceful, idyllic, and laidback sub location of Bodrum. Known primarily as an excellent region for fishing, the region is also famous for sponge diving and sunbathing. In addition, the multiple groves of olive and orange trees further enhance the beauty of the place. Since the sub location is extremely small, there are not many options to reach the outside world. If you have always wished to live life as a sort of recluse, then Gundogan is the perfect place for you. The apartments and villas of this village are extremely well lit, airy and spacious, in addition to being completely affordable.

Bitez: Bitez is one of the best places to live in if you are in love with water. Maritime activities such as fishing and boating make up for a majority of the economy. On the other hand, tourists visiting this action packed and adventurous little town complement the other half of this economy. If you are planning to settle down in this sub location of Bodrum, then rest assured that you will be in for an adventure every day of your life. Moreover, Bitez also has a thriving crop system, growing a variety of crops such as olive, tobacco, and citrus fruits such as oranges.

Ortakent: This often overlooked city falls on the road between Yalikavak and Turgutreis, connecting the business centre of Bodrum with its beaches. However, Ortakent has its own little charm, tucked away amidst groves of orange orchards. One of the oldest sub locations of Bodrum, Ortakent is perfect for the history buff. If you are looking for an apartment or villa in Bodrum which not only has a picturesque location but is also filled with public facilities of every kind, then Ortakent is the place for you. Furthermore, the food and textile markets held weekly also make this sub location an ideal spot for traders.

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